back to article Symantec fluffs up its backup getup

Symantec's data protection suite received its annual booster shot of new features at Symantec Vision in Las Vegas this year. The NetBackup software is kicked up to version 6.5.2 and version 6.5.3, with expanded support for Windows and VMware, respectively. But the major additions are integrated data de-duplication and …


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Release corrections

SharePoint 2003/2007 granular recovery is available in NetBackup 6.5.2 today not 6.5.3. Exchange 2003/2007 granular recovery will be available in NetBackup 6.5.3.

It's probably worth mentioning also that the granular recovery is brand new patent-pending technology. The granular recovery works with 1-backup opposed to the existing 2-pass backup that gets used today for granular recovery.

RealTime 5.5 should read RealTime 6.5 also.


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