back to article Vendor punts coin-operated Wi-Fi base-station

People rarely need coins to make a call these days, but don’t ditch your coppers just yet because manufacturer Handlink has designed a coin-operated Wi-Fi access point. Coin_operated_wifi Handlink's Wi-Fi point is coin-operated The bizarre creation supports 802.11b/g connections, but this wireless wonder won’t just let you …


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I'm pretty sure their marketting department will have some unkind words for this archaic "Coin Op"


laptop theft?

I'm thinking this baby could singlehandedly increase laptop thefts quite a bit.

Think about it - when credit runs out every so often (why no info on the durations available?) there will always be some putz who will leave the laptop behind on the table while they do it, turn around and the machine will be gone.

All a thief needs to do is go looking for shops with this in, and they just hover like vultures.

not at all mitigated by the fact that, to be safe, you'd need to wield your laptop in one hand, and fish out small change from your pockets with the other! Whos going to want to keep doing that!?

I for one can see our older more forgetful/doddery IT colleagues falling foul of theft here, more so than your cynical younger types. No offence!


Good idea in general. But lets be clear here - This device was created solely to take workload away from your typical coffeeshop waiter/waitress.



Wouldn't a software based internet proxy/gateway suffice on a regular encrypted Wifi router?

Either have WPA on the router and get staff to provide the key of the day or have it keyless and open and just direct traffic to the authentication gateway allowing them to buy credits without leaving their laptop.

Anonymous Coward

... Profit !

Someone could make some money here.

Instead of cash, why not send a code (written on the access point) by sms to the number (also written on the access point). You get a return message with password for login. Not locked to the device that sent the sms either. But only good for 1 login (device). Charge x for the sms and you've just got paid.

Does it do any good to say I think they already have this in Japan ?

Paris Hilton


But I guess it makes sense. Being able to drop a coin in a slot if your moby goes out of range (coffee house could be in a faraday cage shopping mall) or you don't fancy sending your card details through the ether.

Paris, because she loves it when you fill her slot.

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