back to article Google takes another bite out of NASA with 42-acre research center

Google has clinched a $146m lease with NASA's research park in Mountain View, California to develop a 42-acre technology campus on the space agency's land. Perhaps jet-setting Googlers were tired of driving the extra two miles to the company's own headquarters after they touchdown on the NASA-run airfield, where Google already …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "As many of you know, Google now inhabits SGI's old headquarters"

    Really? The old SGI HQ is now the Computer History Museum. ( how appropriate.

  2. Ashlee Vance (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Really?

    Mmm, they're both old SGI compounds. Like we say in the story, SGI bought up a ton of properties in that area off Shoreline.

  3. Matthew Barker

    Re: Really?

    In the years I was at SGI, that was only ever known as a sales building.

  4. CTG

    Re: Re: Really?

    If only there was a book describing the history of Silicon Valley, we'd know the real story...

  5. Hrishikesh
    Dead Vulture

    All your base can please belong to us?

    Last I checked we were in 2008 not 2002! I thought the latest hawtness would be along the lines of "I can haz your baes?"

  6. Marc Lawrence

    Space port

    Perhaps Google will want it as their space port for the global advertising campaign which we will see by then...

    GoogleAds posted to the stars...

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