back to article UK citizens' portal exposes edit kit interface

Coding errors left the edit kit interface on the UK government's citizens' portal visible last week. Hmmm. Excuse me but your HTML is showing Although the interface of was visible, a faux pas akin to exposing the site's undergarments to public view, more serious mischief wasn't possible. The interface didn't …


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  1. Dave
    Paris Hilton

    open gumment in action ;-)

    as opposed to open gumment inaction

    Clearly, HMG have taken underwear exposure lessons from dear Paris

  2. Adam Foxton

    So more like...

    ... leaving one's chastity belt on display then, if nothing naughty could happen after exposure?

  3. David Perry
    Paris Hilton

    Security Debate

    Sounds like the code monkies responsible should show up to the Reg event that has ll these yellow banners littered around the page. I thought it was a comical irony at first then realised it's in the Security section *slaps self*. could do with a few reps there too for that matter :)

    Paris cos she's just as stupid

  4. JakeyC

    Faux-pax Faux-pas

    Is misspelling a French phrase a faux-pas?

  5. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Faux-pax Faux-pas

    I believe it is a nom-sequitur.

  6. dervheid
    Thumb Down

    seem to have created a "perpetual IT f**k-ups engine"

    Just like buses , there'll be another gov't IT f**k-up along soon.

  7. JakeyC

    @Sarah Bee

    Ah, I see what you did there.

    You made the latin - 'non-sequitur' - sound all French-like by changing it to 'nom-sequitur'. A cunning linguist indeed.

    Or maybe it was a typo...

  8. Moss Icely Spaceport
    Thumb Up

    Create your own Govt Policy?


  9. Aubry Thonon


    "Faux-pas? Faut pas."

  10. Pete

    Faux pas

    Doesn't that mean 'not fake'?

  11. Aubry Thonon


    "Faux pas" literally means "bad step". In other words, someone guilty of a "faux pas" just had a stumble on the social walk of life.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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