back to article Kit left on stand-by costs gadget fans dearly, report claims

If you live by yourself in a small flat but your monthly electricity bills still top £100, then it could be your love of games consoles that’s dragging you into debt, it has been alleged. A series of power consumption tests by Aussie consumer group Choice has revealed that consoles are some of the most power-hungry devices in …


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Grains of salt in hand people

Choice is well known for not conducting the most scientific research and leaping to conclusions. In this case, they've actually pointed out the obvious and then handed out some numbers based on wild assumptions.

Of course, the obvious is all that's needed in this case... Standby still uses power, and every bit adds up.

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A router.....

....with a configurable timer to switch into low power standby would be a real boon.

Those things always run warm so they must be getting through the juice.

I always switch stuff off though. Why put money into the power corps coffers?

Only the router stays switched on 24hrs the PVR and small mini stereo get special standby dispensation.

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