back to article Heaven and Earth moved to slot Sun chip in IBM blade

Sun Microsystems has found an OEM partner wanting to give its UltraSPARC T2 chips a new home — inside an IBM BladeCenter chassis. Themis Computer today said it will use Sun's eight-core UltraSPARC T2 - aka Niagara - processors in a new line of blade servers, called T2BC. The deal is a rare third-party licensing victory for …


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It only makes sense

Sun's blades are a joke, so they need to put them in a real blade system. Sun's blade chassis hold 10 blades in a 10u space...duh that's 10 1u's vertical.


density counts

Yeah, 10u space for 10 blades. Duh. Sun used to make em way better.

16 in 3u. beat that!

Thumb Up

RE: It only makes sense

Bearing in mind that there are quad, quad CPU blades, I would be impressed if you could find me a quad, quad CPU server In anything less than 2U (sun) and moreU (other vendors I think) And so it's really 10U instead of 20U (at least) :P

Also, having used the blade6000 chassis, the IBM blade centers and the Dell offerings, I'm actually quite impressed with Sun's.

(for example, PCI slots built in instead of occupying a blade slot.. what a novel *read, sensible* idea :P)

References: AMD quad, quad core

And likewise the X6450 for Quad, Quad core Xeon blades.


Ps, FB

The blade b1600 did rock, the only downside was like of storage attachment options.

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