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In recent years, iRiver has established a reputation for knocking out good media players aimed at the slightly more discerning audience. With the E100 it's trying to move a little more into the mass market. The all-plastic casing of the E100 is a clear indication that what we have here is a device built down to a price. Having …


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comparison to Creative Zen

Hopefully the 2.0 will fix a load of the usability issues it has. They've pitched this at the same price point as the Creative Zen but not matched it well on features. iRiver usually get by on excellent design but in the budget market like this it seems odd to not at least match what seems like thier direct competitor.

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MP3 player speakers?

Will someone please pass a law banning speakers in MP3 players?

Seriously now.

I have an old H320 running Rockbox and it's a lovely bit of kit, shame this doesn't seem to share the solid build of that older model from all accounts - I'd much rather another iRiver should this one fail, than a Zen - had one of those, and found the custom software and menu system to be utterly, utterly hateful.

The iRiver knocks it for socks for sound quality too when running Rockbox too [in terms of customisation, certainly].

Oh well, no reason to replace the old brick *just* yet...

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