back to article Time Warner and Time Warner Cable split

Time Warner Cable Inc has agreed to completely sever ties with its parent company Time Warner Inc, which will receive a tasty payout from the spin-off. A one-time dividend, payable immediately prior to the separation, will be paid to Time Warner Cable stockholders of $10.27 a share for a total of about $10.9bn. Time Warner will …


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  1. Jerry H. Appel

    Time Warner Co. axes Time Warner Cable

    I sure hope this allows Time Warner Cable to change its internet pricing policy. Maybe they will realize that they need to compete with DSL despite the speed gap. I was a happy customer for nearly 10 years before they decided not to compete with AT&T DSL on price.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is probably good... I've always been suspicious of data delivery providers who have a vested interest in whose data is getting delivered.

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