back to article Symbian shipments up but royalties stall

Symbian Limited has announced first quarter results which show shipments are growing steadily but a drop in average royalty per unit has left income static. Symbian OS can now be found on 235 handset models, of which 154 are currently on sale – an increase of 35 per cent on last year, and Symbian reckons there are 70 more …


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Anonymous Coward

how big is that, then?

If those are quarterly figures, does this suggest that their annual turnover is now just over £160 million?

Little old Psion turned over £160 million in 1998, the year Symbian were formed out of Psion.

Does this mean that ten years on, world-conquering Symbian, the alliance of the mobile giants, is now back to the same size as little old UK-conquering Psion?

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Symbian is profit-neutral patent indemnity shield for Nokia

Roll up all the possible patent infringements in a not-so-profitable holding company and voila.

If they were ever to be significantly profitable, they would become a IP troll target.

It's brilliant -- unless you have Symbian stock options...

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