back to article LG displays world's largest circular LCD

LCDs are so square, man. So LG has cut off some corners and developed what it claims are the world’s largest elliptical and circular LCD screens. LG_LCD_display LG's circular LCD: watch out If you’re dreaming of a huge circular LCD telly on your penthouse wall, then don’t get your hopes up because the elliptical display …


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A round colour TFT as a watch would be cool. Think of the possibilities... Colour fading through the hour or day, ability to change from analog to digital at will... And users could even choose the style of watch they feel like at any time.

What would be even cooler is being able to connect to a PC and load your own watch faces, hand styles, fonts etc.


W.Hank or swatch?

Can't see the batteries lasting too long unless someone designs a clever wrist movement charger...... the perfect watch for all those single men/women that enjoy their own company, as long as they wear it on their prominant hands wrist of course.


How... they propose getting a rectangle picture to fit without either distorting the image OR cropping the corners.

Thats impossible.

Just putting the rectangle within the circular screen would just be the same as mounting a normal LCD screen in a circular tv frame would it not?

Cant see this being useful for normal TV usage.

There are other natty uses that can be found though Im sure.

How about making big ben digital - when they can make them big enough!!!


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