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With an aging population there's going to be bundles more cash to splash on health care in years to come, if you believe UK regulator Ofcom and this year's edition of its future technology report, the Wireless World of Tomorrow. The admittedly optimistic economic predictions see the cost of healthcare rising to £215bn by 2025 …


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Wireless "reliability and security have improved"

Oh yeah ? Since when ?

It is still trivial to hack into a wireless router, and I've read that even so-called "secured" routers can be broken into by knowledgeable hackers.

As for stability, am I to understand that wireless is now just as reliable as a good ol' Ethernet cable ? No more trouble with walls or floors/ceilings ?

Somehow this "report" smacks a lot more of joyous/immature optimism than actual fact-finding and reporting.

Do any of the people who drafted this piece of wishful thinking have any experience in securing a wireless router ?

I don't think so.

Besides, if the NHS is anything to go by, the first guy to have his pacemaker hooked up to a wireless antenna will also be the first casualty of the scheme. I wouldn't trust those goons anywhere near me, that's for sure.


Ofcom - delivering you 1984

Frankly I couldn't give a toss about this. It would not edify me one bit to know that every single thing in a hospital had an RFID and a database entry - it's not as if hospital equipment likes to walk a great deal (tho I know consultants like to give some of it some exercise privately). I am far more concerned that there are no Matrons around giving stick to all and sundry over filthy habits that spread infection and are far more likely to kill me.

But perhaps the analogy with 1984 is hasty. Maybe I really mean Fahrenheit 451, except that you go to hospital not to get better but to get worse. And it's already half here.

But what is Ofcom doing with its snout in the NHS anyway?


whats the point

the bandwidth is gonna be maxxedout at the next Tory / Republican conference, with all those OAP's bummbling about in thier zimmers and scooters, tripped out with the latest mp4 players, bluetooth and bluerinse.

personaly i can see that those wi-fi jammers are just gonna have to be packed out with more transmitters to cover all these new frequencys which are gonna be packed with usless digital smog, dang, the batteries are gonna be huge.....

mines the one with the heavy pockets full of batteries and the antenna's sticking out the coller....


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