back to article Oracle substitutes previews for product

Exactly a year after releasing the first preview of version 11g of its JDeveloper Java integrated development environment (IDE), Oracle has quietly slipped out preview number four - yes, count 'em - four. But despite a significant number of updated and new features Oracle has still to reveal a date for the first full …


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Gates Halo

Whats the best platform?

Which leaves me thinking that the best platform on which to run JDeveloper 11g just has to be *Powerpoint and a projector*.

Paris Hilton

This is another Oracle acquisition

And thus, as all the others, is doomed. But with a special twist. Whereas applications like Siebel or PeopleSoft simply fall out of synch with everything in the world, including its own database, Oracle is full of employees that take a lot of pride in being developers of high profile products.

Thus, each new product release (JDeveloper, Oracle App. Server, and a long list....) is a rewrite of the previous one. But they take so long to do it and the resulting product is so inferior than the competition that the next rewrite starts as soon as the previous is released.

While curious to watch, this is hardly relevant, since nobody actually buys anything from Oracle except the database.

Paris, because she also has to think of something new every day to justify existence.

Thumb Down


JDeveloper was in use when I started here.

Fortunately we've managed to dump that and moved over to netbeans, and we've also managed to get rid of the OC4J app server and move over to glassfish.

A faster and more stable development environment with a faster and more stable deployment environment.

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