back to article Optus named second Oz iPhone carrier

It's official: Apple is taking a multi-carrier approach to selling the iPhone Down Under. Australian cellco Optus today said it will be selling the handset. The Optus deal is a result of a tie-in between Apple and Singaporean carrier SingTel, which owns Optus. SingTel and its other subsidiaries will release the iPhone in …


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About time

Why didnt they have the iphone on a multi carrier when the iphone was first released instead of the causing hassle with one carrie would have been far less hassle that way.

Also Im looking forward to seeing what the new 3G version looks like and see how much apple will be selling it for..... knowing apple it will be alot


I wait with baited breath

to see how, exactly, this is going to work. In South Africa we have no ITMS and, legend/rumour has it this wont change any time soon (local pigopolists own the music rights).

So how will we do all the necessary things to our fancy-schmancy iphones without the blessed/cursed ITMS?

One wonders indeed.

Paris Hilton

Who gives a rats A****

Who gives a rats A**** for a god phone any way !

As one would say what a useless piece of S*** labelled as a uncool must not have fashion accessory !

Say I wonder if one of these babies will fit ?


This topic is closed for new posts.


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