back to article Iubi Blue personal media player

Anyone after a portable 30GB media player is quite possibly going to end up with either a Cowon A3 or the Archos 605, both of which we liked. Many might argue, however, that list should also include the Iubi Blue. The Blue and the A3 share some pretty similar dimensions - 131 x 79 x 22mm and 133 x 79 x 22mm, respectively - …


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Paris Hilton

"Blue Personal Media" Player

I saw that in the headline and immediately thought it was a device specially designed for pr0n playback!

Splash resistant maybe? I'm sure a licensing deal could be struck, so it could come with Paris pre-loaded?

TFI Friday.

Jobs Halo

Steve Envy

"Audio on a par with any iPod" ::yah boo sucks::

Typical Reg 'not invited to Apple Jollies' grudge piece - you omit the part about it being fugly, though.. :)

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