back to article Nvidia exec admits GPU line-up is numerically 'challenged'

Nvidia has admitted that its vast array of graphics chips is bewildering consumers, who find increasingly difficult to work out what does what. The confession comes from erstwhile Register columnist Roy Taylor who admitted to website that "there is a need to simplify [the range] for consumers, there's no …


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Keeps getting more confusing

It keeps getting more confusing as time goes on.

It used to be a GTS was faster than a GT.

The 8 series changed that. the GTS came first and the GT was an improvement on the GTS w/ a die shrink & price cut.

They would do well to look at BMW for an idea of how to name their chips.



s is the sports model, so they could add a letter at the end if the card is factory overclocked. Otherwise, if they just stuck to numbers; it would make the cards easier. Everyone knows 9 is higher than 5. Not everyone knows the difference between GTS & GTX


My 7800 isn't a 7800 anyway (they wouldn't allow the name on an agp card)

NVidia needs to give up on numbers I think they have run out anyway!

Time for the next Gen.

And remebmer sequential! or explanatory! not jibber jabber!

Paris Hilton

@ Buff Flexington

That would be a good example, if BMWs weren't already poorly named.

BMW 335i = 3 litre turbo

BMW 325i = 3 litre n/a

Now if BMW can't be expected to number their products according to the amount of oomph you can squeeze out of them, should nvidia have to? Admittedly Nvidia's naming is a helluva lot more vague, and the resultant differences between products not always as obvious as in a beamer.

Paris, because she'd just buy the pretty one with the drop-top.

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