back to article Best Buy eyes up Europe, buys into Carphone Warehouse

Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse have entered into a joint project to launch the US brand in Europe. But getting Best Buy into the UK isn't just about sticking a big yellow tag on everything. For £1.1bn Best Buy gets a 50 per cent share of CPW's high-street stores, along with its MVNO operations everywhere except France. CPW …


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Corporate Culture

Best Buy wants to become big in the UK & EU

Carphone is already big in both

Both companies don't simply sell products, by the pallet full they 'Assist customers to buy from them'

There will always be people who want someone to explain to them about about the latest mobile, laptop or other wireless product, and both these companies have said they could go it alone but they think it will be better if they can do it together

Carphone in a matter of a few weeks has already built up an 8% market share of the UK laptop market, now they've joined forces with the worlds largest electronics retailer I'd be quite worried if I worked for curry's or pc world

Apparently you get the competition you deserve, DSG group now have BestBuy, and Carphone would over take BT and Virgin Media as the UK's largest broadband provider if they can get Tiscali to join TalkTalk and AOL as a Carphone company

2009 will be very interesting

Dead Vulture

customer service

"focused on customer care and explaining electronics to the customer rather than just supplying".

This is the funniest thing I've heard all week. I've never been to a CPW, but I've been in plenty of Best Buy locations. Their employees are warm sacks of skin in a blue shirt. They couldn't tell you the difference between DRAM and a hole in the ground, much less explain why you should buy one TV over another. In the fine tradition of used car salesmen, they will invent anything and everything in response to your questions, and then will try to push their worthless extended warranty on you. They are best handled with a cattle prod, keeping them at distance while you shop.


> joe_bruin

I read "and explaining electronics" as "and explaining ethics". Having been duped by their total lack of same.

So will Best Buy improve things, deepen the taint or is it much of the same? I can't imagine a clean business wanting to get into bed with a fleabag.

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