back to article Lesbian lesbians fight extreme porn law

The UK Criminal Justice Bill is quietly making its way into law, and its uncertain scope raises some worrying questions. Clause 63 of the Bill could criminalise viewing or owning "extreme pornography" - whatever that is. It's not made clear. This threat brought a lot of you out of the woodwork, with nearly 200 comments at the …


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Anonymous Coward

Viewing a crime?????

Wait, how can that work, how can viewing be a crime? Suppose I watch a porn movie, it contains a scene that would be criminal under the bill, but I watched it by then and committed the offense. But how would I know if it breaches the law without watching it?

And how does it work with the British Film Censors, any film that fails to get a certificate because it contains simulated rape would have been a crime to watch, hence they've committed a crime, and the person who handed it to them for rating is also guilty of possession.

I guess from the ACPO's cannabis post, our new police overlords will get more discretionary powers and will only apply it against people they don't like.

Roll on the general election when we can vote these f*ckers out of office.


GTA story appears to be wishful thinking

According to various sources & several eye-witness reports e.g.

the stabbing happened quarter of a mile down the road after a local pub chucked out. It sounds like some drunken lunatic attacked another & got stabbed, and at some point said drunks were jeering at the people queueing.

The story has almost no connection to GTA IV, except a very tangential one.

It was just wishful thinking by the usual suspects, Telegraph,Mail & other "News" papers.


@Viewing a crime?????

Have no fear !! Help is near !! Gordon had a brown-trousers night on Friday and by the end of the evening he "promised to LISTEN to the people", whatever that means. So if enough people yell at him about this, he might do something about this sheer idiocy !! His entire cabinet will be too busy back-stabbing and finger-pointing to do anything about this law(??) !!

Do I detect a Night of the Long Knives in the near future ?? Or perhaps the Ides of March, even !!


Blimey :-0

One of my comments added to the 'highlights of the week' page.

Presumably this means I am either a raving lunatic with only the slimmest grasp on reality and morality, or that I am an intelligent, deep individual with something to add to debate.

I prefer the loony option, it's far more fun. I think my Radiohead comment was a temporary slip up and I will be posting utter crap again soon...

Steven R


re:Viewing a crime?????

the point is this law is not desined to be inforced or anything it so that the labor party can go to it's backers and presser groups and newspaper readers and say "look at what we are doing to stop what you hate"

i was not disolusioned with politics till I starred studing it


Re: re:Viewing a crime?????

"i was not disolusioned with politics till I starred studing it"

I got this mental image of John Prescott being put out to stud. A trauma I will have to deal with for the rest of my life.

But seriously, spell checkers are quite cheap these days and very useful, especially if you're a law student.


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