back to article Game rating to confound censor, trade body chief claims

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has rubbished reiterated claims from a games industry trade body that it won’t be able to cope with online videogame classification. Paul Jackson, director general of the European Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA), yesterday told MPs on the Culture Select Committee …


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IT Angle

no rating = no sale "permit"

Want to get a game banned without actually banning it? Just send it to the BBFC and ask them to "back-burner" the rating for that particular game. Since it would be illegal to sell or download it in GB without the necessary BBFC rating, The Powers That Be get another method of making sure you only see what they want you to see (or play).

But since they will start with just the most violent games, should we really care? I mean, if it stops just one schoolchild getting hold of something like GTAiv it's a good thing, right?

And then we better stop them playing any of the Call of Duty or Battlefield series of games, they glorify guns and violence and that is a Bad Thing.

Same with things like WRC or Colin McRae, or even Outrun and all the other racing games - we don't want them thinking they can drive on city streets like they do on the screen.

We can let them have Dora the Explorer since that fosters greater links with our European neighbours, and things like Teletubbies or those other kiddies shows where everyone is snug and happy and doesn't mind doing what they are told without questioning it...

I mean, heaven forbid anybody might actually (be allowed to/be forced to) take responsibility for their own actions...

Besides, since a lot of parents seem incapable of realising the "18" certificate on a film means little Johnny and his school chums should NOT be watching it, what makes the idio^H^H^H policy makers in Westminster think adding videogames to the BBFC's remit will make a difference?

Unless that is the whole point - "See, we tried letting the Censors restrict it to the people who should be playing these games, but it hasn't worked so we will just have to declare the whole lot a Thought Crime and prosecute anyone caught with an extreme videogame."

Sorry, I think my icon dropped an 'S' and an 'H' somewhere.

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