back to article US Army hands out $3.5m for portable fuel-cell powerpack

The US Army has dished out further funds in its quest for portable electric systems, this time making a $3.65m award to Protonx Technology Corp of Massachusetts for continuing development of its Pulse M250 methanol fuel cell powerpack. "Our product development work for Pulse M250, now supported by a total of $7.15 million from …


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methanol ?....

Listen up you slimy worms !

I don't know but I've been told

Drinking your pack's done best ice cold

Add a dash of lemon and ice

If you wanna feel good take my advice

Tell my momma I done my best

Tho I bought the farm while sucking my vest

Sound off one two

Sound off three four

It's tastes good, don't pay it no mind

The doc told me gonna turn me blind

I got gear ain't nothing I lack

They didn't tell me got a bomb on my back !

Hoo yaa!

yeah, sorry, couldn't resist.


Meth -> Eth

It would make more sense to develop one working on ethanol, not? The willingness to carry a large amount of it will be greater, as well as the probability of finding replacement when stuck away from friendlies.

Especially if you develop an "alround" version that can work with anything above say 60*proof (30* by volume).

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Hand crank

That's why they are called grunts, eh?... and it'll free room for a chocolate bar in the pack!


Ever put petrol in a diesel?

I wonder how this will fit in with other biofuel use?

I suspect it's still going to need specific transport for the fuel. A splash of petrol in a jerrycan full of DERV isn't a problem, but fuel cells seem to be much easier to break with contamination.

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