back to article And now it's time for Data Warehouses as a Service

Poor old Teradata - the data warehouse kingpin and lord over real-time global toaster inventory information. First it gets attacked by a host of data warehouse appliance makers, trying to undercut it on price. And now it's being hit by buzzword-based business models from those firing up DaaS (data warehouse as a service) systems …


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words between the buzz

This looks so good, I read it twice to make sure I didn't understand it.

In my corner, we are less looking for sophisticated real-time analysis, and more at sorting through garbage for useful titbits.

- can we outsource our SAP business warehouse? - 10 minutes wait for query-on-demand sounds great, our offshore developers turn one around in 3 months.

- if rules processing is minimised, perhaps it can provide insight into multiple flags meaning almost the same thing to different departments.

- getting results without rules processing sounds even better.

Still, your advertising machine threw up some interesting suggestions, thanks. I guess that is what buzzwords are for.

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