back to article Developer leads buff the Ruby slippers

Ruby implementors, including Ruby creator Yukihiro Matusomoto, held their first design meeting this week to hash out niggles with the scripting language. Representatives from JRuby, Rubinius and MacRuby joined Matz - as Matusomotoc is known - and the Ruby core team.Their discussions focused on a common API for MultiVM and the …


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ruby = n o i s e

i recently saw a comparison graph of advertised jobs for dotnet/java/php/ruby over the last 24 months.

i mistook the ruby line for the x-axis.


@AC Noise

First off, I'd point out that I like Ruby - as long as it has nothing to do with Rails. RoR is to Ruby as J2EE is to Java - a vehicle to boost egos, fix what isn't broken and pulverise down to quarks what is.

Secondly, have you looked at the comparative figures between, say, Toyota, General Motors and Rolls Royce? Just because a market is specialized does NOT mean it can't support an ecosystem that can give its participants a very nice lifestyle, thank you very much.

Mine's the one with "Certified Studebaker and Trabant Mechanic" on the back... :-P

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