back to article Samsung rolls out Pebble player

A futuristic MP3 player has washed ashore from Samsung, and it’s dubbed the Pebble. Samsung_Pebble_1 Samsung's Pebble MP3 player: odd looking The wacky gadget is also known as the S2, and it supports a variety of formats, including MP3, WMA and Ogg. The topside is raised just like, well, a pebble, but the device’s …


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it's so cute like a shell or cosmetic case.

It looks very cute and has a stylish design.

Good colorful features. (white/Red/Green/Black/purple)

Especially, it looks like a cosmetic case in a bag or a shell in the beach.

No screen, No FM Radio, No voice recording ; these are up to it's size.

It will be a good competition with ipod shuffle.

I wonder how to recharge the inner battery on it.

I expect when it will comes out and how much it is in the market.


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