back to article AMD market share down in Q4 '07

AMD may have regained some lost market share between Q3 and Q4 2007, but it was down year on year, the latest figures from market watcher iSuppli reveal. Over the last two quarters of 2007, AMD's share of the world PC chip market grew a tiny third of a percentage point to 14.2 per cent. Market leader Intel saw its share rise …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Intel vs AMD

    The only thing AMD ever had going for them was value vs price. That has disappeared in recent years, hence why they are loosing market share. Their performance was mostly on part and in some cases exceeded Intel's chips (with the athlon XP line / Server class chips), but when they increased the price, after being a 6 year AMD guy, I went back to Intel, because , hey they are the top chip maker, and their products just seem to perform better in my experience. I have found nothing to beat an Intel chip on an Intel chipset.

    Ready for flames!

  2. Andrew Meredith

    Ditching 32 bit

    I don't need to use 64 bit for the majority of my installs, so I would rather not buy 64 bit. I always used to spec AMD and had few if any problems with their stuff. Now I have no choice but to use Intel. If AMD still did 32 bit, I would still be a customer of theirs.

    (I already got my coat and left .. months ago)

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