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When we recently looked at the Archos 705 we were less than impressed. Still, we do reckon a decent combined personal media player and internet tablet could work, so here we have Cowon's answer to Archos' Wi-Fi range, the Q5W. The headline specifications for the Q5 are impressive enough: a 40GB or 60GB hard disk, a 5in screen …


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Knowing Cowon

Knowing Cowon they will address any limitations in future firmware. I had one of their mp3 players and it had regular updates to the firmware, improvements and new features as well as big fixes.


Needs better software

Sound to me like the problem is the software - it's got most of the hardware it needs, but they've crippled it with a crappy OS and poor drivers for the hardware.

Now if I could get Linux to run on it...

But then, it's also a bit expensive - An EeePC gets a similar screen and a proper keyboard for less money: for the extra cash you could add some USB flash sticks to make up the storage deficiency...



"Stanley Matthews"

Just how old is the reviewer..?


How Much!?

No thanks Cowon.

I'll stick with my PSP and multiple memory sticks.

I know the PSP doesn't play formats this beast does, and is lacking in total capacity and screen size, but whats the point hauling that block of resin around when you can slide a nice slim n lite PSP into your trouser pocket + four 8Gb Mem sticks.

The cost of a PSP and four 8Gb memory sticks STILL come to less wonga than this.

Oh Noes, but the PSP has a smaller screen! I think I'll live.


Oh and the PSP has a removable battery.

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