back to article Sun promises agenda-free MySQL development agenda

MySQL owners past and present opened the annual user's conference to re-assure them Sun Microsystems has no hidden agenda for the open source database. Sun chief executive Jonathan Schwartz and software executive vice president Rich Green pledged it's not just business as usual for MySQL - they'll also commit Sun's engineering …


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Too easy to resist!

Translation service!

"....Schwartz said the "secret plot" is simply to figure out how to serve the community. Green, speaking moments before, said: "The plan is the plan until there's a new plan - there is no plan."...."

Sun admits there is no plan. Not sure if they meant just for MySQL. Stockholders unlikely to be impressed.

"....Former MySQL chief executive Marten Mickos said MySQL is "better off" with Sun...."

Former MySQL chief executive Marten Mickos said Mybankaccount is "better off" with Sun.

"....There's an enormous breadth and depth of engineering skill in Sun to make the database work faster - threading, memory management, I/O...."

Sun are going to tie it so tightly to Solaris it's gonna squeak!


@Matt Bryant

"Sun are going to tie it so tightly to Solaris it's gonna squeak!"

This seems pretty unlikely since the Java Enterprise System runs on Linux, Windows, and HP-UX, as well as Solaris. Never forget that, like Apple, Sun writes software to get people to buy their hardware, since hardware (and hardware support contracts) is where the big margins are. Once you've bought the server from them, they couldn't care less what OS you slap on it, but they would like to sell you some storage to go with it.

Anonymous Coward

Welcome back Matty HP droid!!

Matt oh Matt, you missed the HP angle, where and how are HP best, come on, there must be a way in for you here.....

How would HP do it so much better?


You really are a pessemistic git, of course Sun will work on it to make it work as well as possible on Solaris, if they didn't optomize code portions for Solaris then they would never encourage people away from a vendor like Oracle or Sybase.

If people aren't encouraged then no sales will result which is of course the buisness reason for purchasing an assett.

You are conversant with basic buisness principles Matt, speculative purchases etc?

The reason your a pessemist is angling Sun will "tie it so tightly" to Solaris that it will somehow MySQL become deficient on a Linux platform.

Most of the coders contributing to MySQL come from a Linux or BSD leaning so let me ask you a question, do you really believe Sun want to alienate all those people by making it Solaris optomized only?

I don't know why you dislike Sun but simply searching your name out shows how much bias you have.

Matt, where the HP angle?

Love from Sun droid #6

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RE: Matt, where the HP angle?

Well, seeing as HP are the leading x86 server vendor by a massive margin, I suppose you could say it's in HP's interest to make sure MySQL stays optimal on Linux. As a Sunshiner you'll know this as Sun is desperate for HP to sell Sun support contracts for Solaris x86 on ProLiant.

Unfortunately for you, ProLiant is also the leading x86 Linux server brand - most customers still just don't want Solaris x86. This is shown by the fact that a tiny fraction (less than 100K) of the 7 million plus x86 Solaris downloaders have bothered to sign up for security updates, because most of them have no intention of using it in production.

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