back to article Microsoft updates Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on

HD DVD may be dead but it's clearly not yet buried. Microsoft this week unveiled a software update for the Xbox 360’s now-discontinued HD DVD add-on drive. Next time you pop an HD DVD into the drive, the update will be automatically downloaded and installed – provided you’re connected to Xbox Live. If not, then it’ll soon be …


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What's the point?? - Plenty

I find it odd that we are quick to give out about companies who produce products with bugs then make them obsolete so as not to have to repair the bugs.

This is a case of a company improving things for those of us who have a collection (granted small) of HD DVD's and have no intention of sending them to landfill.

Please give Kudos where it is deserved - and I know that Microsoft does normally not deserve it but in this case I feel it is justified.

BTW, planet Earth on HD DVD 1080p (US edition) makes purchase of the HD-DVD add on well worth it - and even more so now.....



Hold on...

I thought HD-DVD didn't need updates, and was a stable format??

So, berating BluRay as a 'profile driven, unstable, not finished yet' format was a case for Pot and Kettle, eh?

Makes sense now... Microshaft were just as bad..

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