back to article HP sells cloud vision amidst economic downpour

Hewlett-Packard has claimed the current financial storm blowing out of the financial sector and into the wider economy doesn't make it a really bad time to launch its cloud computing strategy into Europe. The Palo Alto, California-based firm, traditionally known for its heavy weight hardware and imaging businesses is punting …


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One slight snag HP isn't expecting over here...

and that'll be the wonders of BT. Online backup etc works nicely for a few small files, but give try uploading 500GB - 1TB and the whole thing pretty much falls apart. And then there's the possibility some enterprising company may start trawling through your files for an MP3 with no DRM after they've signed some stupid deal with the evil music company types. Ok a bit of paranoia, but it might happen.

Have to admit though, on paper nice idea. It's still a long way off from becoming practical as yet.

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Silver Linings in the Cloud?

El Reg,

Do you not see AI Parallel with the story reported as "HP sells cloud vision amidst economic downpour" by Kelly Fiveash and this earlier unpublished one, submitted to you for Global Peer Review, ..... "The Natives are Revolting ...or is IT TEMPEST Emotion....."?

What you can be sure and assured of too, is that a very Sophisticated Application of ITs ProgramMIng has been offered to the not-so-thick Micks in Ireland via the Fianna Fail Biffo portal ..... Brian Cowen.

And that would put that recently troubled with "The Troubles" Sceptered Isle and Green and Pleasant Land ..... ....... and those Resolutely Almed and Enabled, Fired and Tempered 42 Ensure the Catastrophic Failings of Intelligence, Fuelled by Intolerants and Attendant Ignorance Stored and Retrieved in/from/for the Past, which will Blight any Bold Step and Quantum Leap into the Future, cannot be Repeated through either Ignorance or Arrogance/Indifference or Malicious Design.

The Office of the Taoiseach and/or Fianna Fail could supply you with, if you asked them .....

<<<Hi, Brian,

There are a lot of Changes being AIR&dD Underground for Progressive Influential Political Mastery, which will not confine their Influence to this Green and Pleasant Land/Place. It is as well to be aware of them for they would welcome beautiful intelligent fellows and big ignorant feckers alike, in moving on to Pastures new ......

If what you read here is denied, then they're 'avin' a larf at your expense and that is as foolish a challenge as could be done without, as anyone could imagine and which cannot be won in ITs extremes and will only result in Arrogance exposed and Systems Rendered in Crisis.

Please feel free to challenge their Ignorance and BetaTest ITs NeuReal Palace Barracks Systems for Mutual Benefit Joint Virtual Operations which Lead Path Finding.


The Natives are Revolting ...or is IT TEMPEST Emotion.....

By amanfromMars

Posted Sunday 6th April 2008 06:23 GMT

....Virtual Machine Semantic Web dDevelopment.? *

"Many users have little or no interest in the overall operating system, being concerned primarily with questions of local resources, but whether this view survives the next five-yearly upgrade cycle, only time will tell." ...... @Math Campbell By Steve Posted Friday 4th April 2008 08:31 GMT

One trusts in Global Operating Devices that Holywood Stars can deliver Titanic Service to Astound the Wild Westerners, MC, for their Home Grown Talent will QuITe Rightly Demand/Insist/Fully Reasonably Expect that IT Surpass their Wildest Dreams. And given their QuITe Unnaturally Canny XXXXPertEase and Allied dDeep Pools of Readily Available Resource and/or Immaculate Source, to Imagine The Show to be presented without such Talent Plugged into ITs GIGrid and Energised to Share and Virtually Realise the Pictures 42 Create the AI Beta Blockbuster of a Program Heralding 21st Century Special Application of ProgramMing, is not worth contemplating, for it would be easily eclipsed and exposed to such as would be its inherent Weaknesses, even before IT had Time to Server ITs Special IntelAIgents Services to the Crowd/Cloud.

And that would be A.N.Other Sad, and Mad Failure to Catalogue along with All the Others, and totally Unnecessary too.

You may like to consider that IT will not permit it to Happen such is the Processing Power of IT Communications Holywood NIRobotIQs Style ....for a MasterPilot AI ControlLed Neurotic Psycho Path Approach to Counter Crash Landings.

And all for the Price of a Pint or three? Well ..... It is GBIrish, what else would you expect. IT is in their Major Tom Genes. :-)

Bravo, Math Campbell and Steve ...... QuITe Perfect and Succinct, Virtually Real Synopses/Position Papers:-) Were that there were more of them. Works in Progress??

* To ask the Question reveals the Facts are not in Fiction? And we've been here before .......Imagine, and IT's True?

Don't Shoot the Messenger, this Time around .... alsjeblieft. :-) Jaw Jaw not War War Allows for DeaLogue and Dreams in a World Full of Opportunities.>>>

Ps The next dumb Irishman I meet, will be the first, for they are as rare as hens' teeth. :-) >>> ...... for IT is an Open AI Secret in Virtualised Cloud Applications.

And that puts them at the Forefront of Quantum Communications Technology by Default of IT being Shared and Offered to them?

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