back to article Google to launch database service from Campfire

If you believe TechCrunch - and that's a big IF - Google is on the verge of unveiling a web-based database service along the lines of Amazon's SimpleDB. On Friday, TechCrunch reported that the world's largest ad broker is about to publicly webify an internal database tool known as BigTable, citing "a source with knowledge of …


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Yeah, because I want Google to host my databases for me. They have such a good track record on looking after people's email and keeping it private.

Oh, hang on, I just remembered, they read your email and use it to advertise to you. What would they do with databases?

I'm not sure if it's just because it's Monday and knocking on time for bed, but I increasingly see Google stories and just see: Blah, blah, Blah, Google, blah, blah blah, another service, blah, blah, never using that then, yawn.

Now if only I can think of one of those really funny mis-spellings of names and constantly use that rather than Google... I can only come up with Goolie, not very good and probably won't work over the Atlantic.

PS. Pretty good search engine, though.

Dead Vulture

Re: Yawn.

My thoughts exactly.

I don't even see a reason to use SimpleDB -- though if I *were* to use a foreign 3rd party db, I'd try Amazon first.

Down to the "Pretty good search engine, though." part :p

Paris Hilton

Not without hosting

How's that supposed to work, I would use a BigTable database from somewhere across the globe? That'll give great performance! Just like SimpleDB is only interesting for those hosting on EC2, any Google offering will require the same: some Google servers to host your application on.

I assume Google realises this too and will release the chicken before the egg.

Thumb Up

Not a database service as such...

But definitely gunning at AWS by the looks of it...

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