back to article MySpace trumpets music service

News Corp's social networking heavyweight Myspace has taken its inevitable plunge into the commercial music businesses. MySpace announced today it is launching MySpace Music, a joint venture with three of the four biggest music labels backing its new service. Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group will …


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If it wants to get anywhere near iTunes, MySpazz will have to do something about its well deserved and ongoing reputation as the most shit-laden, useless crapfest in history.

A billion cascading translucent penguins that crash my browser and three thousand slideshows of you pulling a stupid face does not a good website make.

And as for the unutterable amounts of shite music on there.. jesus wept, it's worse than the bargain bin at the local petrol station. "Please tell me what you think of my music!", they beg. OK mate, it's fucking abysmal.

Jobs Halo

itunes music store rules because...'s not just a place to buy music, it's also a pretty good jukebox.

By that, I mean itunes as an application does a good job of organising and making accessible music to Joe Public. Sure, some people don't like the way it does things, but most do - it stores music just fine, rips CDs to your e-collection just fine, get's the track names of the cd you just ripped just fine, and syncs it all with your ipod just fine.

You've not got an ipod? who cares? Yes, I had an archos too. ipod's are better.

Once you're sat there with your music collection sorted, you can with a mere couple of clicks buy more from the itunes store - it's fully integrated. You do nothing to get it on your ipod, or add it to your collection, other than buy it. Once you've confirmed the purchase, it's ready to go.

Apple have thought long and hard about all of this; the ipod wasn't a revoltion - I had MP3 players from other manufacturers long before I bought my first apple product - but apple have looked at the long term, identified a market that didn't even exist at the time (buying music online? LOL!), and played the Japanese game of longterm investment. They deserve domination.

Every other service is destined to play pointless-catchup, and should just get over themselves and move on.

And another thing. If you don't like Apple's DRM, don't buy it. But don't buy it then moan about it. Even worse, don't *not* buy it but moan about it anyway.

And finally, I'm not an Apple 'fanboy', so get over yourselves.



Where 1995 standards of webdesign will never die.

Strong brand though, and with a hefty chunk of the biz onside, they could be on to something.

The software needs to be something pretty darned special though. They might want to take a look at Sony's SonicStage for a lesson in how /not/ to do things.

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The site is overrun with spam and as the prior poster said web pages reminiscent of 1995 web site designs. MySpace isnt exactly intuitively designed to view many different artists music and compilations all in the one interface, youd have to individually search for each artist, sounds like more of a hassle than its worth!

Paris Hilton

@ Garry Byrne

"Every other service is destined to play pointless-catchup, and should just get over themselves and move on."

Really Garry? In that case every entrepreneur, small business owner or pretty much anyone self employed, go home and get over yourself as you will never make as much as the people who employ you or own a bigger company.

Is competition a bad thing or should we just leave iTunes to it because it has created a solid business model? Competition is the key to consumers gettings cheaper prices etc

Paris would agree that competition is a good thing thats why she tried to rival pamela anderson on the home movie front. Praise good competition or not!!


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