back to article 'Diamondville' to shine as Intel's next Atom

Having launched the first batch of 45nm Atom-brand processors yesterday, Intel today began touting the next set, these ones aimed at sub-laptops and small form-factor desktops rather than Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). Intel Centrino Atom Codename watchers will be wondering where 'Diamondville' fits into Intel's Atom family …


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Anonymous Coward


So, are we to expect silverthorn in the upcoming 3G iPhone?

(ps, we need a fancy pants stylised question mark in the icon gallery)


Linux client chip

I suspect that Intel will benchmark on Linux.

The CPU is slow on any single task while most of the graphics load isn't offloaded.

If you were going to design an operating system to take best advantage of this you would have the applications queue graphics updates to a different process running in user space to do the framebuffer updates with minimal kernel time for the handover.

This will allow the application and the graphical processing to overlap and hyperthread together as much as possible.

I.e. the X windowing system on a Unix-like OS.


But what about health and safety

My main concenr about this technology is human health and safety. Working in an industry where more and more miniturisation is taking place and i'm seeing more and more younger people suffering from hand injuries caused by computer and mobile use, smaller and more portable may be better, but please make somethign which won't injure and cause pain.

A colleague suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome is devastated that they can't text any more, using their phone; smaller than a post-it note. is this the way technology is going????

Ergonomic regs apply to all desktop workstations in the UK, meaning that it has to comply with recommendations set out to make a workspace as comfortable as possible; the mobile industry seems not to comply with such practices???

I hope i'm not just being negative

Black Helicopters

Intel inside to see off ergonomics

Chips this small can simply be implanted inside the users, removing all hand injury concerns.

And since the chips are low cost the entire project can be paid for as a Google based ad supported platform. Since it will be powered by the glucose fuel cell I imagine that ads for soft drinks and salty snacks will be popular.


Singing Intel Inside to the tune of INXS - Devil inside

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