back to article SOCA soaks up asset recovery agency

The UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) has merged with the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) as part of plans to streamline the recovery of criminal assets. The merger, which was agreed by Parliament last year through the provisions of the Serious Crime Act, means SOCA will now have both criminal and civil powers to fight …


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Several property auctions have had 10% or more of total Lots coming from the Asset Recovery Agency. Seems criminals know how easy it is to dump millions in cash and launder it through sales and rentals so huge swathes are being bought to auction.

The Land Registry introduced new regulations about ID today in addition to the 2003 legislation on auction purchases. Ther website appears to be down atm.

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Coaker said...

"we are determined to stop criminals profiting from crimes which affect the lives of the law abiding majority."

You mean like MPs claiming huge expenses from the public purse?

Or maybe the Government doling out PFI schemes that will cost the public many billions over the next few years?

Or what about Ministers passing legislation that suddenly turns out to be incredibly useful for companies that they then take Directorships of when they leave office...?


What do you mean by the 'fight against cybercrime'

"criticism from sections of the security community who reckon the fight against cybercrime is not getting the resources it deserves"

- Did you mean the fight against child pornographers?

I wasn't aware that there had ever been a UK fight against any other form of "cybercrime"

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