back to article Mobile phones global health menace, says top brain surgeon

Prolonged mobile phone use could be more damaging to your health than smoking or asbestos, according to the latest report into the possible risks of handset radiation on human brains. The report was compiled by Dr Vini Khurana, an Australian neurosurgeon, following 14 months of research. This, he says, involved a critical …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Australian brain surgeon looks for more lucrative funding"

    "Australian brain surgeon looks for more lucrative funding"

    Would seem to be a better title.

    To paraphrase "Everyone must take note of my research and give me money so that I can get a nicer car."

  2. David Harper

    Yet more seriously flaky pseudo-science

    Here's an entertaining and witty demolition of the good doctor's scaremongering, courtesy of Ben Goldacre's "Bad Science" blog:

  3. Steve Kay

    Sadly no Lirpaloof

    This raging nonsense has been soundly addressed at:

    including a great comment by Ben "Bad Science" Goldacre -

    Mine's the pack of Marlboro reds, please.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Have to agree with AC above - it's a bit like the Guardian's weekly sex therapist column which could be condensed each week into "The professional sex therapist recommends you go and see a professional sex therapist. Bring money."

  5. Angus Wood

    A breach of the peace?

    Isn't there some legal way one can rap the press over the knuckles with when they publish scare stories like this?

  6. Mr B

    Safe until proven unsafe.

    1.8 - 19 GHz @ 1Watt are US frequencies for cell phones.

    .8 - .9 GHZ @2W are frequencies elsewhere

    2.45 GHz @800W is microwave frequency.

    The US GSM frequency may not be the resonance frequency of the molecules that constitute the main part of human body but there may be some that are very excited at those frequencies.

    Same story again, asbestos was OK ... but now it is said you cannot drill through a fibre cement roof sheet without damaging your health. <SARCASM> Apparently people have died in the past </S>, it took 20 years to figure out it was not safe to snort asbestos and an extra 10 to remove it from manufacturing processes. After being so safe for that many years the governments were keen on making mandatory to replace cylinder head gaskets.

    I'd really like to see a study on the US cellphones heavy users.

  7. Sam

    @ AC

    So, you read the sex therapist column EVERY WEEK in the guardian, hmmmmm?

    (The "hmmmmm?" in the style of Lord Vetinari).

  8. Anonymous Coward

    The Real Story

    Cell phone use doesn't lead to brain damage.

    Brain damage leads to cell phone use.

    Just going by the behaviour and overheard conversations of the average cell phone user.

    Mines the one without the annoying sounds emanating from the pocket.

  9. Ian

    Grauniad Sex Therapist

    But for us men of a certain age, being able to read Pamela Stevenson's advice on anal sex has a certain frisson.

  10. Tony Paulazzo

    But in all seriousness

    Is Blutooth the way to go? I've noticed after 5 minutes on a phone they do get warm, and let's face it, microwaves are slowly cooking your brain, so it can't be that safe...

  11. fon

    ah, myths....

    other myths disproved...

    cellphones have been tested SAFE even at a high concentration of gasoline in the air - much higher than possible at gas stations...

    breast implants do not explode at high altidude, if the cabin door opens... your head might do, though....

    tested on mythbusters! :D

    there was even a test if you can boil an egg by surrounding it by ringing mobile phones! ... 100 phones, still no result....

  12. Mad Hacker
    Gates Horns

    This, he says, involved a critical review of many existing medical resources and online informatio

    This, he says, involved a critical review of many existing medical resources and online information

    So, he surfed the web for a long time, and decided cell phones were bad?

    Bill Gates because he didn't write MS DOS either.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    When discussing sexual therapy, it's a good idea not to describe yourself as sound like someone who sounds a lot like "Lord Veterinary".

    Shoulda done it Jarvis-style instead:


    Reading the sex therapist column.

    In the Guardian.

    Every week.

    With MY reputation?

    Ohhhh Ghhhhhod!"

  14. Anonymous Coward

    flakey science by embedded industry

    hey, nothing wrong with tin hats of Aluminium variety ;p

    I used to be normal(as much as any IT person can be), untill they threw up a mobile phone mast less than 300m from my front door.

    Now i need tin foil 24/7, headache pills, sleeping pills, can't hold a job down, can't get 8 hours sleep at night, my life's a mess.(all thanks to the wonders of modern technology)

    The danish study was a joke, much like the UK medical drug research studies, (where they excluded all those results where they killed off the test subjects and any subjects where they got results that they didn't like).

    They excluded all those who had used phones longer than 3 years and all those that were corporate users(the heaviest users).

    They also didn't chase-up what the stats on how many in the study group(all mobile phone users in denmark) had died of various cancers during the study period and during the previous 10 years.

    Sounds much like the research results of the tobacco and asbestos companys before they were .

    Pammy-C, (yummy mummy) i wish ;p

    (i'd also wish she was 30 years younger as well)

    illuminatus ;p

  15. trackSuit

    A quick recap. on what Science is.

    For anyone who is wondering what science is (and what it is not) and how the scientific process works, here's a nice link:

    Scroll down to the Science section.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    @Mr B

    It's been a while since I played with such things but I seem to remember that the frequencies chosen for GSM etc. were selected as being absorption bands for oxygen etc. as this limited the range of the cells and avoided interference between base stations.

    Meanwhile microwave ovens are tuned for a water absorption band because they're intended to heat water & food.

    While the human body is full of water, the quantity of gaseous oxygen etc. inside most peoples heads is probably minimal so the risk of efficient absorption of the tiny amount of energy from a mobile phone isn't exactly significant. And even 100% absorption wouldn't exactly do a lot!

    Though those who promote the idea of huge risks from phones - especially on the back of some internet research and a few other peoples papers - are probably an exception, as I can imagine there's plenty of air in the appropriate place.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well I've been using a mobile phone...

    ...for the last ten years, and itsh neferr durr mrrr rrr rrrrrrrrr.


    Actually (he says, checking that 'anonymous' is ticked), I used to carry it in same jean pocket everywhere, for years - and I did develop testicular cancer five years ago, which saw me undergo surgery and two cycles of adjuvant chemotherapy. Purely an anecdotal connection, but you'll understand why I don't put my mobile in my other jean pocket these days.

  18. Pierre Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    sub-Wikipedia-grade research

    Mouarf. Read the POS. And he said he submitted it to a scientific journal? It's not even close to a correct draft (not to mention that because it's have been made available beforehand, there's no chance that it will be published. Ever.). The abstract is actually longer than the References section (and it's supposed to be a review!). Badly structured, no real argument but lots of "proofs by analogy" and authoritative sentences hammered again and again. I doubt this was actually written by anyone used to writing or reading scientific papers (or as a "bad example" case for teaching purpose). Someone is just trying to pass bullshit by shaping it the way they think a scientific review article looks like. Fail.

  19. Dafydd Lawrence

    @fon RE: ah, myths....

    >other myths disproved...


    >cellphones have been tested SAFE even at a high concentration of >gasoline in the air - much higher than possible at gas stations...

    But that was never the reason why mobile phones were banned at petrol stations. I did a lot of research into this to find out the actual reason as we wanted to use a GSM credit card reader at our petrol pumps at a private site.

    BTW. the other myth that it interferes with the tills is also not true.

    The actual reason is that a study showed dropping a battery powered device on the floor could cause the battery to dislodge and result in a spark across the terminals as it falls away and therefore be an ignition source for petroleum vapour. The research did not specifically target mobile phones but a chain of petrol stations (in the US) decided that they were devices most likely to be used and therefore dropped on a forecourt. This was later adopted by other stations and in other countries including the UK without knowledge of what the actual reason was and hence they just thought the mobile phone signal could cause an explosion.

    Therefore it is safe to use your phone, just don't drop it!

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Errr -- posted on 1 April, yes?

    More scaremongering.

    Next: Living may cause death!!!!

    Mine's the asbestos-lined one with the tinfoil trim...

  21. Ed
    Paris Hilton

    Well its not all bad

    Hey if it culls the population of a few paris types... Can it really be so bad

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