back to article Cross industry AJAX group reaches IE 8 'consensus'

Microsoft's plans for security and cross-domain communications in Internet Explorer 8 have received qualified support from the cross industry OpenAjax Alliance. Members of the 100-plus group holding their regular monthly meeting apparently reached a "consensus (not unanimity)" on Microsoft's planned cross-domain request (XDR) …


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Another group corrupted.

Microsoft joined the group "for feedback" but it looks like things pushed the other way. M$_support tags OK, ignoring W3C methods OK. Is there anything Microsoft could to break standards that this OpenAJAX group would find fault with?

Black Helicopters

trojan horse team

I couldn't agree more and I got a little insight into the way it works when I recently read the blog of the guy who let MS into the OLPC and showed them how it all works, so that they can put XP on it and extinguish Sugar.

Basically, they send really nice guys who know what they are talking about, and who probably genuinely have really good intentions. Unfortunately, those guys are the trojan horse.

Jobs Horns

MS buying votes, what a surprise!

"Microsoft has worked hard to increase it credibility with the AJAX community since it joined the OpenAjax Alliance. "

ie. has been busy paying voting shills.

Results can be seen: Those who have been paid, are pro-MS, those haven't, are against.

Majority obviously have been paid. Identical method to that used in OOXML case and obviously the editor is too pro-MS to notice anything weird happening, unlike ther main site editors. Another paid shill?


cross-domain communications ??

They must be kidding!

Why would anyone want to promote a system that works across multiple domains? And why report on it using the word 'security' in the same sentence?

If this is the way AJAX is going, bring on the browsers that have blocking AJAX as a feature. - Yes, I know browsers already block the scripts and I hope that many more join those who already block cross-domain communications.

I need to go and read the HTML5 spec again and remind myself about accessibility requirements. Last time I looked, accessibility was a legal requirement in many countries. Time to put AJAX back onto the intranet where it belongs.

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