back to article Gilded Perkins puts ego yacht up for sale

It looked to us like Tom Perkins could afford the dinner bill. But, we guess, times are tougher than we thought even for Silicon Valley's elite. Just last night, we spotted the famed venture capitalist Perkins dining at one of San Francisco's more ancient restaurants - Jeanty at Jacks. The place has been around since the 1860s …


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Maltese Falcon

It's big, really, really big. It's nice, really, really nice. But it sort of sucks too. It can't be taken too many places, it takes a huge crew to sail (meaning that even the owner isn't going to be in charge on trips, it'll be a Captain who can actually sail the thing), and it's just too over the top.

I would sort of like to see it sink, or be scuttled, since he's really only into the design process anyway - sinking it on purpose would be really cool and a great statement!

Or he could sell it on eBay, that'd be cool too.

Thumb Up

One of these puppies

Several are apparently lying idle due to the Imperial Russian Navy having no money to drive them around. And they boast "rooms for relaxation, sauna and swimming pool".

Plus, you could probably put a SpaceShipTwo in the missile tubes for a rapid trip back home when required.


Who are these people?

And more to the point: Who f-ing cares?


@Solomon Grundy

surely the coolest thing would be to beach it..........

nice trip to Alang?

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