back to article IBM's cloud computer drifts over Georgia and Ohio

According to BusinessWeek's public relations department, IBM and Google have already won the virtualized cloud computing war, discovered a cure for HIV and brought about world peace. Curious then that IBM continues to invest in both virtualization and cloud computing. During "a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Atlanta today," IBM …


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Old News??

Sure it's nice to think about "cloud computing", but why does it have to be called that? And isn't the idea behind cloud computing what people have been aiming at for several decades? You know, the whole sharing resources regardless of physical location bit...

Screw cloud computing. I call it computing. No need for a fancy name that'll just be made fun of in a few years.

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Mission Impossible ..... or just Highly Improbable*?

"The research partners will work over virtualization and cloud computing technology until the concepts bend to their collective wills." ........ They are far too late into the game to be able to do that and to think that they have any chance of doing it, is quite delusional.

Although, if they were funding the leaders in the field, they could follow in their footsteps and appear to be in Control ....... which is about as good as IT will IT gets.

I do admire their bravado/sheer cheek, though, even though it be so naive.

* When nothing is Impossible, Highly Improbable takes over at ITs XXXXStreams.

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