back to article VMware and Dell on the road to India

Both Dell and VMware are heaping affection on the booming South Asia economy today. While Dell is expanding its retail partnerships in India, VMware is adding research and development funding there. Let's have a peek at how the two companies are cutting dependencies on the US economy to beat a looming recession: VMware …


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Here's another idea to help Dell save a few pennies, in the name of share holder equity

When marketing your wares around the world, don't bother with the expense of using local actors... Just use the folks and native language of your biggest market. You'll save millions of (what ever currency you're using to measure your success) by shooting the commercials once and then just inserting subtitles. Oh and don't bother with local actor voice overs... they're so patronizing...

Does anybody know what the translation for "Wang! you're getting a Dell" in Mandarin?

Mine's the one with the big target on the back...

Black Helicopters

Who gives a Sh*t

Soon the US will be cheaper than india or will be bombed by them in the quest to stop any WMD's hitting india, as USA will be a tech backwater.

Looking forward to it now!

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