back to article DARPA funds Sun's optical chip chatter magic

Well, well, well, Sun Microsystems worked DARPA over for some SPARC funding after all. The server maker today celebrated a $44m contract to produce optical chip-to-chip connections technology for the Defense Department's R&D unit. The official line on this arrangement has Sun taking $44.29m over five and a half years to …


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Anonymous Coward

We love DARPA, we do.

Without Darpa there'd be no internet, and as a consequence, no internet porn.

Oh! and there's this, which one of my team mates thought was trick photography.

Silver badge

There, fixed that for you!

The end result should eventually be modest-sized servers housing another company's CPUs that boast what we would consider today as supercomputer class machines, providing Sun can actually get the tech out the door before Intel or IBM get it nailed.


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