back to article Philips sees green with backlight-balancing Eco TV

Philips has launched an LCD TV that it claims helps viewers reduce their electricity bills no matter how long they spend lazing about in front of the telly. Philips_Eco_FlatTV Philips' Eco FlatTV: reduces its own electricity use The Eco FlatTV’s backlight can be dimmed to help reduce the set’s overall power draw - all, …


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[Quote] We’re not sure how much electricity the average TV consumes in standby - it’ll vary according to display size - but you could still turn your telly off and reduce consumption to nothing.[/quote]

Eh? How do you figure that.

Power consumption when turned on will vary according to display size but not

standby consumption.

0.15 Watts is quite amazing. At that sort of rate it's not going

to be long before they can power standby by the sort of solar cells you

get on the top of pocke calculators.

I bet even then bandwaggon hippie greenies will still be telling you to turn it off

at the wall, while heating their caravans with 2000 Watt electric heaters...

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