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A web-friendly and easy to maintain version of Eclipse has been penciled in for delivery two years from now. E4, as it's being called, has been pegged for 2010, with a working concept prototype ready for next year's EclipseCon. Early e4 committers, though, pledged the current Eclipse platform, version 3.x that's moving …


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E4 is DOA - no one trusts IBM.

Why on earth would you linger around for yet another spaghetti Eclipse release when there are so many better alternatives. Eclipse is over wrought, over managed, and dominated by IBM. I'm done, good bye.


Back to vi then

I quite liked the earlier versions of Eclipse, but its now seems to be suffering from -- well almost everything:-

-- feature creep

-- over abstraction

-- using xml as a programming language

-- trying to support every OO fashion than comes along

-- bloat -- the current dowload is massive.

-- idealogical bickering among the commiters

pity really.

So I find myself returning to vi, or rather vim, more and more.

VIM suffers from none of the above!

And has many adavantages:-

-- Stable feature set.

-- its just an editor.

-- no need to hack config files

-- You can edit just about any file.

-- You can stick it on a USB stick.

-- Unless Bram Moolenaar develops a split personality there will be no bickering at the heart of the project.

-- If vim isnt available you can revert to plain vi.

-- If you use unix shell a lot your "set -o ksh" and your command of the command line will amaze watching newbies.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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