back to article Defacement archive Zone-h mulls closure

Defacement archive Zone-h has put its very existence to the vote. The security site picked up the baton after previous defacement archive Alldas packed up shop. It currently hosts about 2.6 million defacements after six years chronicling the activities of hackers. According to Zone-h, its work has allowed it to understand …


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Mirroring is not useful

The mirroring of the visual result of the hack is nothing more than stopping to stare at the body of the victim. It doesn't serve a purpose other than to satisfy curiosity. But to those who claim this encourages hacking, there certainly is an argument to be had that having someone immortalize your exploit gives one more impetus to commit the crime, but since there is other notoriety to be had, it's not likely they are the sole motivating factor. And that is beyond the base motivation behind the hack; typically promoting or protesting a cause.

The statistics Zone-H collects, on the other hand, are what's useful from the site. But if all Zone-H ends up doing is crunching the numbers, will anyone come and visit any more?

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