back to article N3 dominates NHS IT savings

The N3 broadband network produced nearly all the savings generated by the NHS National Programme for IT to March 2007, according to the government The Department of Health said that of savings totalling £208m, N3 generated £192m, with digital imaging and scanning saving a further £14m, and software licensing and hardware …


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Delivery failure = "savings"?

Some of these figures just don't add up!

N3 making savings: why? This is infrastructure, and although the specifications, especially for GP branch surgeries, were underspecified, should anyone be congratulated on failure to deliver basic infrastructure which is fundamental to delivery of other aspects of the program?

PACS not included originally.

Lorenzo, originally a SSEPR (Single Shared Electronic Patient Record) has now been re-defined so many times that delivery of the original IiSoft PAS systems probably counts as delivery! As a GP, I certainly hope so: I am not looking forward to the destruction of GP EPRs demanded by the introduction of the Detailed Local Care Record - of which Lorenzo is, as I understand it, an example.

The costs to Trusts of planning blight - and inability to specify what is needed - are not mentioned.

"Lies, damed lies and statistics"?

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