back to article Ofcom maps out next spectrum auction

UK regulator Ofcom has mapped out the details of the upcoming "L Band" auctions, deciding against holding onto any spectrum for Brussels despite the commission's continuing enthusiasm for Europe-wide allocations. L Band runs from 1452 to 1492MHz, putting it between the two most popular GSM frequencies - 900 and 1800MHz - with …


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Let's hope it does ...

"If the EU wants to reserve a chunk of that, it's going to have to move quickly"

Its far better that most of the spectrum gets reserved for SENSIBLE multinational use, failing that it should most definitely NOT be sold off to the highest bidder but be allocated to whoever can guarantee (with reallocation from time to time) to provide the most cost-effective SERVICE using the bandwidth.

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"the UK-only nature of the spectrum makes it unlikely to complete with 3G services."

Sensible stuff. But even in the UK, the spectrum of nature serves unlikely causes and competes directly with completely senseless language.

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