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Since the Wii’s arrival, gamers have moaned about that little wire connecting the console's main Remote to the Nunchuck. Gaming peripherals manufacturer Nyko has cut the cord and created a wireless alternative. Nyko_Cord_Free_for_wii Nyko's Cord-Free: does away with wires Nyko’s Cord-Free system is very simple. Firstly, a …


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Wow, genuinely useful

A first for a Wii accessory on here :-)

Definitely interested, though we couldn't call it a nunchuk any more. Got seriously tangled trying some different boxing strategies yesterday and this would have helped big time.

Shame about needing to coil up the cable, but that's liveable with.

Not quite sure what the "gamers can stand up to four-and-a-half metres away from the Wii before the wireless connection drops out" thing is about, given that surely the issue here is communication between the nunchuk and the remote. Presumably a terminology confusion.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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