back to article Intel rejects investor call to give up its hopes and dreams

"Have you ever thought about being like Philip Morris?" Now that's just rude. Some Wall Street type wanted to prove that his Zinger 101 mail order kit was worth the $1,995 asking price. So, he nailed Intel CEO Paul Otellini with that very question during a meeting held yesterday in Santa Clara. Intel brought its largest …


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What Intel does well

Intel innovates, believe it or not. A lot of things that are currently produced (or abandoned) by other companies originated at Intel (notably, Jones Farm in Oregon, USA, and Intel's Israel operations).

Those innovations which have been gobbled up by Microsoft have failed, as a rule, mostly by being hobbled with "feature creep" and user interface modifications which made the product(s) useless, but there have been plenty of successes, mostly handled by other businesses.

Letting investors dictate the direction of the company is a bad idea; these people are probably financial wizards (although some may simply have inherited their shares), but in a technological world, they're idiots.

Anonymous Coward

You're joking?

"it's Microsoft that makes Intel innovations fail"

I know that's not quite what you said, but where is the Microsoft contribution in the various non-MS-related Intel failures from iAPX432 to Itanic, via I2O and every Intel graphics chip which ever drew power, to name but a few?

Intel are quite capable of making glorious failures without MS's help, it's just that Joe Public is even better at being helped to forget them.

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