back to article Yahoo! seeks time out on Microsoft bid

Yahoo! is dropping an election date to buy more time against a hostile Microsoft takeover. The net giant today canceled a March 14 date for stockholders to nominate new candidates for Yahoo!'s board of directors. Yahoo! fears Microsoft will launch a proxy battle to try to usurp its 10-member board. Yahoo! wants more time to …


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When did writing in all lower case become acceptable?

"Yahoo! co-founder and chief executive officer Jerry Yang sent a memo to employees on Wednesday announcing the move. The note was attached in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission."

How sad that we've destroyed the language so much that we feel it's acceptable to attach a note written in all lower case to a formal government filing. I cringe when I see internal emails in all lower case...I am positively apoplectic after reading the Yahoo! specimen.

I weep for the species.

IT Angle

An executive wrote that??

Upon initial scan, there's not a capital letter in the memo to be found. The mind is boggled. Not that I would use Yahoo! in the first place... but this does nothing to instill any kind of confidence in the company. Yes, I think less of people who can't spell.

Where is my IT angle?

Jobs Horns

Red Light - Green Light, Tag your it .....

Ollie ollie Osen Free .... you can't tag me!

Yahoo, how JUVENILE! Just give up. You are retarded and don't know it. You werre once great, the OWNER of the Internet "home page" with great free email.

Now your "Switch to the new My Yahoo!" is a joke with horribly sloooooow loading and garbage graphics all over the place. Your Free Email lets SPAM through like a bucket with no bottom and your customer service is a group of retards that only know how to send canned "form emails" for responses, instead of helping users. Your stock was once a proud thing to have in a portfolio, now it's a boat anchor, devaluating faster than even Apple AAPL!

Yahoo you SUCK. Hesus Christ! Even MSN is ten times better, so letting MS buy you and fire all your retards would be a god send!

Of course if you want to continue to SUCK, then link up with Apple .... their stock is tanking as fast as yours and Apple is equally incompetant.

Paris Hilton

I must have missed this

I'm watching this deal like a train-wreck about to happen.

Like I always say, "Winning the Lottery is one thing, knowing you're going to win is a whole lot more fun!"

Either way, this will play out fabulously ...

Paris: 'Cause even she's better to look at than either the parts or the sum of this deal.

Silver badge

Microsoft ........ definitely of No Use in the Real World with XSSXXXX Codes and Porn

Randy, .....[Posted Thursday 6th March 2008 02:14 GMT..."An executive wrote that?? ]

You cannot fault the Semantics in the memo, though. And it is very carefully written and in a style which would be QuITe Alien to Microsoft. I particularly liked ...."in light of the current circumstances, this change removes an imminent deadline. microsoft, of course, could still choose to name directors, but our objective here is to enable our board to continue to explore all of its strategic alternatives for maximizing value for stockholders without the distraction of a proxy contest. it will also make it easier for you to continue to focus intently on delivering on our business strategies and creating value." ......... which is much more Inclusive Executive than Exclusing Executive. However, one would also expect the Yahoo Board to hire New Blood/Intellectual Property as they see Fitting in Mutual Benefit to Yahoo, as a whole, and Board Members individually. In that Way will value be Squared and Greatly Enhanced and Enriched.

Webster Phreaky,

You sound as if you are doing a Ballmer. Take a chill pill and get a grip on yourself, please. You'll do yourself a mischief, ranting and raving like that.

Bill/Steve, You gotta get out more and swing with a bit more than just a yarn bearing no substance.



aManFromMars is making sense again. My brain may implode.


Yahoo is not worth it

Personally I think it is Microsoft that needs to rethink this, Yahoo is in a shit load of financial trouble and has very little value.

I think they should set a deadline to accept the offer and then reduce the offer by a million $ a day to encourage shareholders. This would force down the share price which is only high because of the M$ offer.

Dead Vulture


Microsoft wants to rule the world, and this is perhaps what they think of as a last chance to do so.

However, this takeover is just a braindead attempt that does absolutely nothing but freak with people and their jobs. A lot of microserfs and yahoos are going to be pink-slipped as part of this. Of course having a lot of clever pissed off geeks on the loose is going to be "fun" for Microsoft's security model, however, on the upside it might just be the death knell for Microsoft's management *ahem* "team."

And then there's the EC. Who knows how testy it might turn out to be with Microsoft buying a monopoly sized share of webmail and im!

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