back to article Orkut worm feeds on scraps

Malware authors have written a worm for Orkut, Google-owned networking site that's big in Brazil. The Scrapkut worm uses active code injection to spread between victims and their friends on Orkut. The malicious code appears on a victim’s scrapbook, containing a link to a supposed YouTube video. People who click on the link …


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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Paypal irresponsibility

Well, everyday a new big hack/spam attack.

Companies should take more care about web application security, seems like many people still believe a good firewall could solve all their security problems, if companies would use a web security scanner (i.e. maui security scanner), hackers and spammers couldn't abuse their websites/servers so easy.

Geoff Mackenzie

Any particular platform at risk?

I take it this is Windows only, as per?

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