back to article HTC to release handset video 'fix'

HTC has pledged to release a "software optimisation" that will dramatically improve its handsets' performance. However, the news may not impress phone owners hoping for full video drivers. A number of users of HTC handsets have complained that some models don't provide the video performance they believe the hardware is capable …


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dev costs?

what costs, they cant shove two of their junior programmers in a cupboard for 6 months with promise of a huge bonus if they come up with something better than the current drivers? offer 6 months off work (paid) to which ever bright employee fixes it to get them out the ****

Would not cost as much as the bad press and possible class action...


You get what you pay for...

Yes, leslie, I'm sure that rushing out a half-baked set of drivers will make the problem go away...

Thing is, the device works. It has the functionality it's supposed to. Unless the customer was promised hardware-accelerated video (as opposed to just 'good' or 'working' video), I can't see how the users have a case here.


Talking of getting what I paid for

I paid a pretty good upgrade fee on a HTC phone to function quickly and properly in all reasonable circumstances. What you get is sluggish screen response in certain modes, poor stylus detection and generally poor memory performance related to graphical resources. All issued that don't show up during the 10 minutes play in the shop. Real day to day performance is pretty... Ropey. Shall we say.

The class action suit is over reaching certainly, but HTC have stiffed us with rubbish firmware on the current phones and to say they don't have the pocket money to address the issue is disgusting. Why is it up to the carriers to say "your firmware is shit"? Avoiding the issue and shirking responsibilty. You get what you paid for... Yeah a HTC phone. Won't be making that mistake again and are negotiating early upgrade with my carrier based on the fact that my HTC is not fit for purpose. And you know what? They agree with me! Well done HTC for not been bothered to even acknowledge the real issue let alone tackle it.

Moan over!



Extensive software development my ass! Qualcomm offers complete reference drivers with the chipset, the extensive software development is already done, HTC is just being a typical money hungry corporation, they have promised to include the drivers in future products based on the Qualcomm chipset, but are not willing to roll them out on the current versions... this is because they're afraid if they bring these handsets up to par they'll miss out on the revenue from future sales, they know that if the current handsets had the proper drivers, the current owners will have no reason to buy a new phone anytime soon, so they wont use the drivers provided to them by Qualcomm...

calling the performance of these handsets sluggish is an insult to slugs everywhere, and they should be taking up arms to defend their honor from being associated with HTC... Sluggish doesnt even begin to describe the agony. from the today screen, if i slide my keyboard up and start dialing a phone number, it takes 10 to 15 seconds for the screen to rotate and another 10 to 15 seconds to start dialing the number i have typed. interestingly enough during the lag period, each number i dial replaces the last one dialed, so typing in 10 numbers during the lag period, it handles each key press as though i pressed the delete / clear key in between each number. once the lag has subsided i can dial as normal...

Thank you HTC for my $500 Lag-o-phone....


On with the class action suit! my signature is #5600 out of now over 10,000 on the petition...


they decieved us, they are iable.

i'm totally in agreement with the suit and what Richard and Walter said.

The phone was advertised SPECIFICALLY as having the Qualcomm chipset, so to provide the hardware without the software to make it useful is complete false advertising.

if you buy a v8 engine, all the bloody cylinders should be firing!

HTC say it takes too much to get good drivers, bullshit as already said, there already ARE drivers from Qualcomm and HTC made the stupid & selfish mistake not to provide the drivers available at cost.

now HTC have been found out and are in the shit because there are 10,000 people on a petition (and much more too lazy to sign), that are demanding HTC show some balls and man-up to their "mistake".

If HTC realized the petition's relevance to sales then a solution would fly to us.

10,000 people who bought devices costing about $500 equates to $5,000,000 worth of pissed off customers.

i don't think HTC can ignore that kind of loose change.

we shouldn't have to check that the manufacturer isn't lying when buying a product based on simple specs about the hardware.

it either has the hardware or it doesn't, if it DOES then it comes with the softeware to MAKE IT WORK!

anything less is false advertising and liable.



Yep, Qualcomm graphics chip listed in the specs

Just checked in the spec list in the carrier's blurb for my Tyn II and it lists the Qualcomm graphics chip as a feature. Not a handicap!

James, flame at Leslie all you want about the cost of developing a solution, HTC have mislead people by printing the chip as a feature then knowingly disabling it with their decision not to integrate the dedicated drivers into the standard WM6 build.

Run a resource diagnostic on any HTC phone with the Qualcomm chip and you will see there is massive bottle necking around the graphics and screen functions. Hence the lag for the user. I know, 'cause I'm sitting here doing just that!

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