back to article Intel brings forward tech for low-cost PCs

Intel has brought forward the launch of its 'Shelton' platform for budget-priced PCs, it has been claimed. Originally due in Q3, the technology for desktops and notebooks will now debut in May. Shelton is based around the 45nm, single-core 1.6GHz 'Diamondville' processor and variants of the 945G integrated chipset. …


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Anonymous Coward

What about GPU?

What we really need is media and games with PC and phone, but where is the GPU?

The Asus is deficient in many ways, one is the price, where is the $199US-$250 models? Another is that the screen is much smaller than the width. The resolution is so small, smaller than DVD. It does not have an UMPC like tablet version with slide out keyboard. Did I mention no real GPU. For the size and price of the present model they could have given people DVD and options for HDTV tuners.

So, What about an Open Linux/Windows Gaming Tablet MID with slide out keyboard, and descent GPU. With DVD to 720p HDTV resolution. It could even be made with HDTV tuner and DVD burner.

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