back to article RIM and Motorola square up over patents

RIM and Motorola are suing each other for patent infringement, with both companies refusing to pay the other for using their patented technologies. RIM is also complaining that Motorola is demanding "exorbitant" fees with the intention of damaging its business. The spat started with RIM filing a civil action, in Texas of …


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RIM have working WIFI!!!!!

Surely RIM are not the first to have WIFI on a phone, indeed from the latest model of a friend I played with I could crash the phone into a full reset everytime, just scanning for wireless networks, let alone connecting and actualy using one.

Now if thats a patentable feature then, maybe they have a case. Beyond that I dont see a very large pot to liquid recyle in a happening. Indeed stuff like this might get the likes of IBM,Apple, Microsoft and indeed Nokia having a good look at there patents and MOTO's+RIM's usage and making this very messy indeed.

Now what RIM are countersuring over would probably be the MOTO Q phone, Which would be interesting given the fun and games they had over it in the past and at best RIM could claim monies from phones produced after there agreement expired, not retrospectivly.

Basicly MOTO and RIM need to get back to the table and sort this out as neither company will gain anything over a public toys out of pram fight. I suspect that if they do pursue this that it will only come back to bite both big-time.

Bottom line if you want to play the patent game, make sure your friendly and familiar with IBM in a good way or you might just awaken the beast.

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RE: Paul Gray

You were playing with your friend (?) and it made your phone crash??? It wasn't one of those Korean hide-the-phone sex games was it...?


WiFi on a mobile

Wouldn't that make them go for Apple, not Motorola??? I'm pretty sure that if RIM's got a patent on that, Apple's surely violating it... ;)

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Ah, patenting a random idea

I think I'm going to patent the concept of having a mobile phone small enough to fit into nromal finger ring. Then, in 30 years time, I'll sue the first company to make one.

Concept patents are ridiculous. Who would have thought of putting wireless technology in a mobile phone? Just about everyone. Maybe when a new wireless tech comes out I'll patent the use of it on every device I can think about.

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re: Matt Bryant

LOL one missed out letter "s" and were mono-railed =).

Not sure what game your on about in Korean, but given the time of day and impending calorie intake I think I'll stay ignorrant upon such matters (no I dont work for the Goverment before you ask ;o).

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Your spot on there sadly enough.

1) pick up fiction novels and read

2) anything that isn't already in existence and is in at least 3 novels in any form - patent

3) wait

4) profit

What next - joining a patent office and rejecting lots of good ones so you can use there idea's for your own idea's. No wait Einstien might of already killed that one =D

ew can I patent: interactive feedback based upon visual stimuli allowing desyncronise time correspondants from 1 to N+1 were N can be infinite. [transaltion replying to peoples comments]

though a patent upon the selling of viagra via email to total strangers would be appealiing looking at ones inbox today :(.

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