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Unlike most of Samsung’s other offerings, the R60plus is a budget notebook. As such, it lacks a few features - a digital video output port and decent graphics capabilities, to name just a couple. But the core power - a 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of RAM and a 250GB HDD - make this an absolute steal for the price. Unlike most budget …


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Anonymous Coward

I'd like one but........

I'm just about to buy a budget laptop and this model seemed to tick all the boxes until I checked the spec pages on the linked Samsung page and the referral links to the 2 sellers and I found that:

Processor is the T2130 1.46GHz Dual Core

There's only 1Gb of RAM with both slots filled.

The HD is 80Gb not 250Gb

Still not a bad laptop for the price but not the stellar bargain a 1.6GHz C2D, 2Gb, 250Gb Lappy would be.

If the specs are correct when will it be available to the cash wielding public?

Thumb Down

shame on unwired

Are you guys members of the NUJ? unlikely because it seems you're misleading excited punters!

The spec you're looking at costs around TWICE the price that is shown above - will show you a froogle search. the spec for the price is a paltry 80GB, 1 GB RAM and maybe even a cut down chip - not a Core2Duo.

Frustrating when good sites like this republish poorly researched reviews!

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